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Vehicle Donations

  Car Donations are easy with AMCDONOR. Give Your Used Car, Boat, Plane or RV. Get a Tax Deduction and Avoid the Hassles of a Private Sale!

Let us help you help others with your generous donation.

Immediate! Free! Courteous Service! Repair Negotiations! Impound Releases!
Title Work! Lien Releases!


One call does it all:  770-656-0331 or 404-644-4678


Please donate your car even if it is not in running condition .

We make ALL the arrangements to tow your vehicle away, AMCDONATE Charity charges nothing for this service. It is free to the donor . Up to the minute tax advice and the nation's fastest online-response-form.

Everyone wants to help others.

It feels good to do something for someone else even if it helps you as well by getting rid of that vehicle you don't know what to do with. Are you getting another car? Leave your old one at the dealership . We will pick it up from them. Is the repairman quoting more than you want to spend? Call us we will go down pick up the vehicle title and keys at no cost to you.

Best of all you can receive a great IRS tax deduction for the full fair market value of the automobile and it is easy to make adjustments to arrive at a truly fair value even if your vehicle needs expensive repairs to the transmission or engine.

Avoid the complex DMV title transfers lines and the even longer lines waiting for smog checks. Steer clear of the low trade in values the expensive newspaper ads and the general challenges that go along with selling your used car. Turn it into a tax deduction and have us do all your paperwork. Our service is Free. We can even help you with the DMV transfer information and lien releases. Even if the vehicle is not in your name we can help you get the donation into your name. Daily we make arrangements to pick up vehicles all over the United States. You'll receive a tax certificate while aiding others.  Change your life - change someone else's life as well

Most often it is the donor who receives joy from the very act of giving . You can chose from an extensive list of partner charities from across America. You choose the project you wish to fund with your donation. Health, education, welfare, religious studies, homeless, or prison reform. AMC offers opportunities to help them all. If they are not on our current list our webmaster will add them on today.


Call AMCDONATE Now or fill out the ONLINE DONATION FORM below!

Thank You & May God Bless You!

Rev. Samuel Ekhator
Director, AMCDONATE - a 501{c}[3] Non-Profit Ministry



Use the Following Form to Submit Your Donation

Contact Information
Zip Code
Phone ( )
Work Phone ( )
How did you hear about us?
Auto or Truck Information
Title Do you have the title?
Registr. State
License Plate
Drivable Is the vehicle drivable?
Interior Condition
Exterior Condition
Location  of vehicle (if not at your address above)
Parked at
City, State Zip
Thank you for your interest in our program! You will be contacted by our staff soon.
Please Click Only Once -Processing may take a minute
We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information you provide here will be kept in strict confidence. We do not rent, sell or share information to third parties. Upon pickup of the vehicle by AMC, Donor/title owner grants Limited Power of Attorney to AMC and its assignees power to sign all titles for transfer and sale of vehicles this replace missing titles applying for duplicate titles and correcting title errors.


Be a Computer Donor! 

Donate Your Used Laptop,  Notebook, LCD Projectors, LCD Monitors & Desktop computer donations & Get a Tax Deduction and avoid the hassles and disappointment of trying to sell your great - but outdated Computer equipment!

You can make a difference with your
Computer Donations

Let Us Help You!

  • Get tax savings while helping others!
  • Receive a tax deduction and change a life!

You can receive the full fair market value as a tax deductible vehicle donation. Please donate your functioning computer equipment even if it is outdated.

Simply ship to this address:

African Ministers Charter, Inc.

P O Box 2812 ,

Atlanta, GA 30301


Be sure to print out the donation form and include a signed copy inside the shipping container!

  Upon receipt of the items we will sent you're a receipt.

  • Receive your lawful IRS tax deduction for the fair market value of the Equipment
  • Avoid all the headaches and disappointment of selling a Used Computer -there are no expensive want ads, no taking phone calls, no showing the car, no price haggling...

Immediate Free Wonderful Service: We will arrange to pick-up your donations anywhere in the United States now. We supply you with the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible donation. 

Thank You & May God Bless You


Real Estate Donation Process

The process is simple. Just fill out our Quick Response Form below and click online form to go to    real estate web site , or  call us at 1-800-237-8890 and one of our Donation Specialists will take the information from you.  We will typically be able to schedule an inspection appointment with you at that time.

At the appointment, please have copies of the following documents available to give to our Specialist:

1. Any Deeds showing current ownership of the property
2. Any unpaid tax bills
3. Any paid tax receipts
4. A current water bill
5. Any other liens or encumbrances on the property (Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, Tax Liens, Mechanics Liens, etc, ).
6. If the donor is a Company or Corporate entity, Corporate documents authorizing the person(s) to sign on behalf of the Entity (Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, etc).


I understand the Tax laws have changed. ******
Answer: YES .. The recent changes do not affect structures.


Donation Guide

In this guide-

+ Background on car donations
+ Features and services to look for in car donation charities
+ How to find the best car donation charity for you

This short guide was created to help you understand the basics of car donation charities and to help you choose the right car donation charity for you. We do not offer any car donation services ourselves, so you can be assured that all of the information in this guide is independent and unbiased.

Background on car donation charities
Donating your car, truck, trailer, boat, motorhome or other vehicle is an increasingly popular way to contribute to charitable organizations. Not only does car donation help those in need, but it also eliminates the hassle of selling your car yourself AND can give you a tax deduction. When you donate a car to charity, the car will typically be sold through a dealer network or at auction, and the proceeds of the sale will be used to fund the charity. However, some car donation charities will take the car, refurbish it, and give it directly to needy families or other groups.

If you are currently considering donating your car to a charitable organization, you've probably already seen that there are dozens of charities 'competing' for your business. But not all charities are the same, and if you're conscientious enough to donate your car to charity, you probably also want to make sure that your donation has the most positive impact on the cause you want to support.

There are three main types of organizations that will accept your car donation. The first type is not really a charity at all, but is a for-profit company that acts as a clearinghouse for car donations. These car dealers and professional fund-raising companies handle all the logistics of the donation and sale of the vehicle and then give those proceeds to the 'end' charity of your choice. Although these car dealers and professional fund-raising companies can provide a valuable service, they do take a certain percentage of the value of the vehicle- this is money that therefore does NOT go directly to the charity.

The next type of organization that accepts car donations are clearinghouses as described above, but is non-profit. These car donation charities have car donation as their only function- they handle the logistics of the donation and sale, and then give the proceeds to other charities. As non-profit organizations, more of the donation makes its way to 'end' charities when compared to for-profit dealers and fund-raisers.

The third type of organization that accepts car donations is charities that handle the logistics of the donation and sale and then use those funds internally for charitable.                       

How It Works

AMCDONATE wants to help you help change the world. Through innovative partnerships and vehicle processing, AMCDONATE is able to convert your vehicle donation to significant value for charities. The process is simple:

  1. You initiate the donation of your used vehicle by filling out or quick online form or calling us directly --at the same time choosing the charity to which you wish to receive the benefits - undesignated donations benefit "AMC Projects", "World Missions", "African Projects" and "AMC Center Projects"
  2. We send you a receipt via email.
  3. We dispatch your vehicle to a pick-up location in your area who will call you within 1-2 business days to arrange a pickup, or you can drive it to one of our nationwide processing centers
  4. A tow company will pick up the vehicle (you don't necessarily have to be present!)
  5. We convert your vehicle into much-needed cash that the charity needs and can use .


Donate your used vehicle and feel good about giving and contributing to a world changed for the better.

We Love Trucks!!! -- Donate Now!


Frequently Asked Donation Questions

What if I'm missing some of the paperwork?
When you donate the property, you are signing a Warranty Deed, guaranteeing clear title (ownership) to the Charity. In order to protect the Charity, we always close the transaction through a title company or attorney with Title Insurance. The Title Company will perform a title search, and insure the title to the property.

How long does it take to see if the charity is interested in my property?
Typically the Specialist will be able to determine if the property will make a suitable donation at the appointment. If the Specialist recommends the donation, we can complete the Donation Package paper work at that time. Please note that if there is more than one owner of the property, or the property is owned by a married couple, all parties must be present to sign the documents.

The Donation Package consists of 4 documents:
1. A Quit Claim Deed from the Donor to the Charity.
2. A Warranty Deed from the Donor to the Charity
3. A Donation Agreement
4. A Declaration and Deed of Gift

What is a suitable donation?
After the inspection the charity will decide if the property will make a suitable donation. This is a donation that the Charity is reasonably certain that it will be able to:
1. Quickly liquidate and convert the property into cash for the charity;
2. Be utilized immediately by the charity

How Long Does it take to Donate a Property?
The time we receive your initial information to transfer is typically 90 days. Other factors may substantially delay the process. Examples are: breaks in the chain of title; Potential purchasers not being able to gain access to the property; Non cooperative tenants; Liens and other clouds in the Title.

What is the liquidation period?
Upon signing the Donation Package, the you are conditionally conveying fee simple absolute title (ownership) to the property. The Charity will then holds the deeds in escrow for a maximum period of 120 days until final acceptance of the property by the charity, or a Purchase Agreement is signed by the Charity and a Buyer. If a Purchase agreement is executed by the Charity with a buyer, the Liquidation Period will be extended until the date specified in the Purchase Agreement. The liquidation period is over when the property is sold by the Charity at the closing or the 120 day period expires, which ever is later. The Liquidation Period may be extended by mutual agreement of the Donor and the Charity.

What is a Simultaneous Closing?
A Simultaneous Closing is a closing in which a Donor conveys title to the Charity, and the Charity "simultaneously" conveys title to the new buyer. The Charity uses a simultaneous closing in combination with the Liquidation Period to limit its liability.

What documents are recorded prior to the end of the Liquidation Period?
Typically the Quit Claim deed is recorded to protect the Charity's interest in the property.

Do I still own the property during the Liquidation Period?
No. You have transferred all of your interest and rights in the property to the charity.

Can the Charity reject a property that was previously deemed a suitable donation?

Yes. Rarely, during the Liquidation Period the charity may decline the donation, even if it was previously determined to be suitable In rare cases, a property is accepted that the Charity is unable to liquidate. Reasons may include previously undisclosed or latent defects with the property, environmentally contaminated properties, or uncorrectable title issues. In this case, the entire Donation Agreement would be declared null and void, and the charity will rescind any interest in the property. If you are aware of any issue that may affect the liquidation of your donation, please disclose that to us during the initial phone call, or the initial inspection. Non-compliance may result in a later rejection of your donation.

After I donate a property, when does my financial and legal liability end?
At the end of the Liquidation Period, when the Charity resells the property.

What if the Charity still can't sell the property after the Liquidation Period?
Typically the process takes about 90 days from the time the Donation Package is completed until final acceptance at the Simultaneous Closing. Per the Donation Agreement, the charity has a 120 day Liquidation Period to sell the property. If the Charity has not been able to secure a purchase agreement within the Liquidation Period, the Liquidation Period may be extended by mutual agreement of the Donor and the Charity.

What Costs will I have?
You will be responsible for any of your regular costs, such as taxes, maintenance, mortgage, etc, until the Charity liquidates the property. The only other costs you will incur is if you decide to pay for a Qualified Appraisal. A residential appraisal typically costs less than $300.

Do I have to maintain the property during the Liquidation Period?
Yes. You are responsible for maintaining the security, upkeep, maintenance, and any other regular costs of associated with your property until the Charity Closes the Donation Transaction.

Do I need to pay for title work?
No. The charity will pay for the Title Search, Title Work, and any Closing Costs.

When Can I claim the deduction?
You claim the deduction in the tax year the property was donated.

How Much Can I Claim?
You have 3 options:

1. You can pay for a Qualified Appraisal, and use that value for your deduction,
2. You may elect to use the tax assessed value assigned to the property by the local taxing authority. However, the IRS may contest this amount during an audit,
3. The IRS allows a Real Property donation of up to $4999 without a Qualified Appraisal.

You should discuss your tax situation with your Accountant or Tax Professional.  

Can you recommend a Qualified Appraisal to me?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Federal Collusion Laws strictly forbid this. You can find one locally in your Yellow Pages, or ask a local real estate agent or mortgage broker for a referral.

Can I make a partial donation?
Yes. Sometimes it is more beneficial to sell a property, and make a partial cash donation at the closing to the Charity. If you have questions, Please contact one of our Donation Specialists , your Accountant or Tax Professional.

Do I have to attend the closing?
No. You have already signed all the necessary documents in the Donation Package. The only exception may be if there are additional issues that are discovered in the Title Search. Even if additional documents are required, you may be able to sign them prior to the closing.

Do you Accept Vacant Land?
Sometimes. This is on a case-by-case basis.

Do you accept "environmentally contaminated" property?
Sometimes. These are on a case by case basis. Obviously the charity cannot expose itself to the liability of a serious hazard. If environmental tests have been completed (Phase I and/or "Baseline Testing) and the records are available, the donation process can be greatly accelerated.

Click Here for information on donation guide and process.



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